Steel Mezzanines

Double, triple, or quadruple your floor space! Fully utilize existing overhead space and gain valuable working, office storage or manufacturing areas at a low cost. Put your overhead space to work for you with minimum interruption to your working floor area. Our professionals can engineer and fabricate a mezzanine for virtually any application. You already pay for that empty space over your head, so why not use it!


  • We use only high strength, zinc plated steel bolts and heavy duty steel angles for framing; some competitors use field welding which requires longer installation time and more chance for structural failure
  • All engineering and design is done in-house and is included in the material price; some competitors will not have the mezzanine approved by an engineer until after the quote is given which in return can raise your price
  • Our mezzanines are free-standing; some competitors quote a shelf supported mezzanine requiring many small posts as opposed to a few larger columns

Mezzanine Advantages
Standard Design Mezzanines
Custom Design Mezzanines
Mezzanine Decking Options